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31 октября 2015 г. 22:05

Тим Феррис о том, как найти читателей

В одном из выпусков подкаста Tim Ferriss Show, популярный автор бизнес-книжек ответил на вопрос «Как бы вы искали читателей, если бы пришлось начинать с нуля?» Вот его ответ (немного сокращённый):

«Well, this is a tricky question, because you’re maybe tackling the wrong problem. Let me explain how I think about this. So I have a number of platforms, I obviously have the blog that get somewhere between… I don’t know, 1,2 million unique visitors per month. Then I have my Twitter and social. Twitter alone gets 1,3 million or so in terms of followers and podcast gets hundreds of thousands per episode and so on and so forth. I’ve tried it all. […]

Here’s my perspective, So, I answer your question somewhat directly and literally first. There is always a market for high-quality and there’s always a market for long form. There’s always a market for high quality […] and this is to say, if you offer the best of anything, you can charge a premium and your customers will tend to be very high-margine low-headache customers. […] There’s always a market for long form. And people lament the death of long form, the death of this, the death of that… “Oh my God, TV’s gonna be the death of radio, and podcasts gonna be the death of this, this is gonna be the death of that”. It makes for very sensasional headlines but I think it’s usually mostly hot air. […] And I’ve always specialized, I think, in long-form content. Look at my books, they’re not short, they’re not intended for people who claim to have short attention spans. And many of my blog posts are fifteen pages long, twenty pages long, thirty pages long if you print them out. And the reason I approach it this way is because if you’re building and audience — and I’ll come back to this aspect of your question — the most labor-efficient way to build an audience over time is to have evergreen content.

So I write long pieces that will be more valuable from an SEO real estate standpoint. Two years from the day I write it compared to the week it launches, if that makes sense. […] If you were look at my stats or Google Analytics you would see that my most popular posts that get each hundreds of thousands of visits per month were written several years ago. And that’s very much by design, I’m not upset by that because I fully expect that some other articles I write this year, for instance, my post on pratical thoughts on suicide (just a very intence post), I expect that will continue to gather steam and be spread around and shared and a year from now will be right in the top ten rankings, which is very important to me.

So the question you ask thouth is a multilayered question with a lot of assumptions built into it. So if you had to build an audience from scratch today — let’s examine that — why’d you have to build an audience at all? Now the belief right now is you have to be on social, you have to putting on content — I think that’s bullshit, you don’t have to at all. Amazon didn’t start with buildimg an audience, Uber didn’t start with building an audience. If your goal is to create profitable or massively skilled business that may not be the right thing to focus on.»